Why Weight?



Join Susie and Leanne, the hosts of The Nutrition Couch Podcast, for a webinar devoted exclusively to weight loss.

Why Weight?

Kick start, or revitalise, your weight loss journey with information from expert dietitians and the opportunity to interact and have your questions answered.

Please note this webinar is a recording of a webinar rather than a live webinar. You will be able to rewatch the recording as many times as you like.

Want more Details?


Have you been on so many diets that you could write a diet book?


Do you start each week with the best of nutrition intentions?


Do you know that your weight is holding you back from living your best life?


Why weight is the session for you.Learn how to find your own motivation. Is it a reason or an excuse?


Weight loss is not about a number on the scales, rather it is about feeling good in your body.


It’s time to get honest and take control of your health and your body!


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Why Weight?

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