The Peri Plan



With detailed information on Peri, food guidelines, recipes and the all important mindset shifts you need so that you can focus and get the results you are looking for, The Peri Plan is a must read for any woman feeling the brunt of hormonal changes.

Conveniently collated into an 107 page PDF E-Book that is instantaneously delivered to you, via email, upon purchase.

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If you are a woman in your late 30’s, 40’s or 50’s, chances are you have become familiar with the name Peri in recent years.

The Peri years can result in monumental changes to metabolism and can leave many women far from their best physically and psychologically.

The Peri Plan has been developed to help women in Peri take control of their food, their weight and their body so they can move into the middle years of their life feeling at their physical best and in control of their weight.


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The Peri Plan

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