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With dietitian approved snacks in a range of categories, full nutritional breakdown and ingredient lists and the reasons why Susie & Leanne love the listed snack, The Nutrition Couch – Snack Guide is a must have for anyone who finds 3 main meals just doesn’t keep them full.

Conveniently collated into an 130 page PDF E-Book that is instantaneously delivered to you, via email, upon purchase.

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In the new The Nutrition Couch: Snack Guide, Leanne and Susie share their favourite snacks suited to a wide range of dietary requirements and goals.

Whether you are gluten free, low carb, wanting to lose weight or gain it, we have the best snacks for you. We even have the best snacks for people trying not to snack. We hope this guide is helpful in guiding you to make healthier snack choices.

The guide starts off by teaching you the same principles we teach our clients about how to choose appropriate snacks at at appropriate times.

It then takes you through our favourite snack options.

We’ve included the full nutritional breakdown per serving size and per 100g, the ingredient lists for each snack and the reasons why we love it.

Please note that, as this is a downloadable product, we are not able to give refunds because we have no way of recovering the product once it has been delivered to you.


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The Nutrition Couch: Snack Guide

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