Morning Tea With TNC – Recording



Experience, or relive, the 2022 Morning Tea with TNC Live events.

You’ll have access to all the amazing content and information presented to the attendees of the Brisbane live event, including presentations from Susie and Leanne covering hormones, gut health and fat loss.

When you purchase the recording you’ll receive all 5 parts. Please note, we are not selling the individual videos separately.

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2022 saw some major milestones for The Nutrition Couch Podcast.

  • The podcast streaked past 1 Million downloads!
  • We published our 100th episode!
  • And we completed a whirlwind tour of live events in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.


We understand that only a small portion of our listeners could attend the live events in person, and we want those that couldn’t to experience the amazing atmosphere and content presented on the day.

This recording is the complete Brisbane Live Event, from start to finish, including the presentations covering the following highly requested topics:


The role of hormones in weight control.

How insulin controls fat metabolism and how to take control of it.

Gut health

Why you have sluggish digestion, brain fog and terrible cravings.

The simple formula to optimising your gut micro biome.

Fat loss

Reprogramming eating behaviour: how your psychology  influences your food choices.

Barriers to fat loss: how to sustainably lose body fat once and for all.


Susie and Leanne will answer your burning food and health related questions.


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Morning Tea With TNC – Recording

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